Monday, August 8, 2016

A Head Full Of Dreams

Words cannot do justice for how amazing it was to see Coldplay live. It definitely made the top ten best experiences I've had so far in my life. I've seen a lot of my favorite bands and some really great performers but this.. AH. Sometimes my spur of the moment decisions really pay off.

Music has always been a really big part of my life and I think one of the reasons I am so passionate about it is the way it gets everyone to feel something. There's always that one song that makes someone finally stand up, gets someone to dance, has someone crying or jumping with excitement. And I love when you hear that song come on and see those things happen for the people around you. It makes the show that much better. I can tell you when Yellow came on I turned to my sister and was like OH MY GOD THEY'RE PLAYING IT.

We decided to make a last minute trip out of driving to Philadelphia. Once we checked into our hotel, we took (the longest) walk ever to a really popular steak and cheese place called Geno's. I'm not a big fan of steak and cheese but the water was REALLY refreshing and the cheese fries hit the spot. It's all about the experiences, right? Oh, and we saw a lot of really cool art along the way. 

Sunday morning we had breakfast then started our tourist-y day. I never really enjoyed history in school, in fact, I was never even really that great at it, but when National Treasure comes on, I'll be the first to plant my behind on the couch to watch it. So obviously, I had to go see the Liberty Bell (even though the movie is filled with a lot of false information) I was still beaming with excitement. I also got a photo with the bell which my sister made me keep because it's actually so hilarious how dorky I look (but we'll save that for another time). 

Followed was the beer garden. If there is anything I want to do when I go to a new place, it's go to a coffee shop and try new beers. I got the "victory summer love" which was a golden ale and it was absolutely delicious....I want more. It was such a cute, quaint, little place. They played good music and had oversized checkered boards and Jenga. Hands down recommend if anyone goes up to visit Philly.

The rest of the day was spent wandering the city, doing some shopping, a lot of walking and taking photos.. you know, just some of my favorite pass times :)

On the way out of Philly.. we stopped at a diner and on the street one of my sister's favorite movies was filmed.. Silver Linings Playbook. but to see the photos, you'll have to stop on over to her instagram @kayladecriscio.

until next time PA ! 

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