Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Spring Break in New York

Early Wednesday morning, I headed out to New York with my sister and two of our friends. I was so incredibly excited, getting to try new things, meeting Melissa and Kayla, and of course, just being in the city. There is never quiet enough time to do everything planned when making a trip up to New York, but it was just what I needed to regain sanity. 

We went to a few coffee shops, walked up 5th avenue and to the Met steps, shopped around Times Square, experienced part of the bar life, and almost mastered the Subway. My friend, Jimena, and I met up with Melissa and Kayla for dinner at Freeman's one night. Chatting with them and getting acquainted lifted a huge weight off my shoulders since I want to move to the city post-college. I already can't wait to go back and visit them! 

The last day we went (back) to Freeman's for lunch, all four of this time. Then we booked it across the city to catch our bus. I'd have to say, the bus ride home always has me itching to be back in my own bed and to go back to a normal day. But the next day when I'm laying in bed scrolling through pictures I took, I always want to go back. 

The city does something to ya, though. Being there I realized a few things; pushing people to work harder, to not give up, and to chase their dreams should be encouraging. Putting someone down to try and motivate them does nothing but put them down. There is a clear difference between being realistic and encouraging someone, so make sure you surround yourself with the right people. I found how important it is to continue to motivate myself. Your dreams are just out of reach and giving up should never be an option.

Also, I realized I wear a lot more color than people say I do. If they think I wear a lot of black, try walking into Two Hands. 

And lastly, I hope the person you are, and the person you want to be, is the same.

first outfit shown :
DKNY skinny jeans, Madewell tee, Free People scarf, BP Nordstrom flats, Urban Outfitters sweater

last outfit shown:
Everlane tee, PacSun Bullhead jeans, BP Nordstrom flats and coat, Free People scarf, Madewell socks


  1. I visited NYC over my spring break too! I agree that negativity is never a good way to motivate others or yourself. Hoping you get to fulfill your dream of moving to the Big Apple!

    1. Aw thanks girl! I hope you had fun while you were up in New York! And thank you for checking out my blog :)