Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Casual Wednesday

For me, Wednesdays feel more like Friday than Friday actually does. I tend to work through the weekend and then have classes on Monday and Wednesday, so once it rolls around and I'm finished for the day, it's the best feeling to know I can go home and take the night off from life. So, today I kept it pretty basic but I actually ended up feeling better dressed than most days recently.

As much as I love wearing cold weather clothes, I do not wear the cold well. It was 40 degrees today and I felt no difference from when it's below 10. After my last class, I booked it to my car cutting my normal walking time in half. I'd have to admit, as much as I'm not ready to give up my sweaters just yet, I am aching (literally cold to the bone) for some hot weather.

Since it was warmer than usual today, I decided to dress a little lighter (which was obviously my mistake but I mean what can you do?). Last week, I purchased my first two Everlane tees and I was dying to wear them. I paired it with a light, flow-y sweater from Bella Luxx that complimented it perfectly. I felt so comfortable and put together the whole day. 

Lastly, I feel it's really important to put this out there because I know what it's like to struggle: if you are short, and I mean really actually very petite, check out Everlane and Bella Luxx. This tee fits me like a gem! I was able to tuck it in without it looking odd or being uncomfortable. And this sweater doesn't even cover my tush! Also, it can be dressed up or down which is a win-win. It's actually impossible for me to find bags, jeans, shoes, or etc.. so now that this XXS tee is back in gray, I'm about to snatch my 3rd Everlane tee right up. 

Everlane  tee, Bella Luxx cardigan, PacSun Bullhead jeans, Halogen flats, Nordstrom juniors coat, Kate Spade handbag

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