Saturday, July 2, 2016

"it's so weird you know. you come across someone in your life, bringing everything else to a halt. it's like with them, you discover a whole new side of yourself you never knew before. you start to challenge yourself, believe in yourself. and before you even can come to terms with all this change, it's ripped away from you without warning. it's easy to go numb, to push away the pain temporarily, until it all comes crawling back when you least expect it. when you've finally picked yourself back up, brushed of the weight bringing you down, there you are, with this gut wrenching pain, feeling like you're about to break down and recovery doesn't seem within reach. it feels as if everything has been ripped out of you and all that is left is you, whoever that is, standing there, with no thought, no feeling, no anything. that's when you realize, so much shit you have to go through alone. not because "no one understands" or "no one is there for you" but because at the end of the day, you can only save yourself. you're the only one feeling that exact pain, in that moment. it's going to hurt, you're going to cry, you're going to sleep for days, or not sleep at all. but you're going to survive. and you're going to discover the whole other side of you too. and when you go through all of this, you realize everything and everyone you truly deserve. and you're going to cut off the dead branches, you're going to learn to love yourself. and you're going to stop forgiving people just because you want them in your life. because that is just it. this is YOUR life. and your life isn't worth the pain and tears. your life is worth much more than the people that make you question your worth."

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