Sunday, January 31, 2016


hot coffee. black clothes. the smell after rain. late night phone calls. the warmth of your bed in the morning. holding hands. new friendships. old friendships. the smell of a new a book. bonfires. white sheets. afternoons in august. nostalgia. old photos. film. funny jokes. inside jokes. people that introduce you to new music. people who tell you when they think of you. remembering the words to an old song. tee shirts. your best friends laugh. sleeping in. your favorite sweater. fresh starts. caramel chocolates. meeting people that inspire you. feeling inspired. last minute road trips. when people tell you they admire you. people that hug you when they see you. 3am thoughts. crunching leaves. laughing so hard you can't breath. sunsets. breakfast with your dad. the sun on your skin. neck kisses. forehead kisses. new candles. positive thoughts. hugs from your mom. feeling at peace.

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