Monday, December 7, 2015

No Pressure

I'm not the best with words, especially when I know what I want to say (makes sense right? ha). But yesterday I had the opportunity to shoot with Casie (k-see) Wendel and while I was nervous, I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be. She took some photos that instantly became my favorite photos of myself ever.. and some good in-between shots that my sister quickly made into memes. But if there are two quotes I live by, they'd be that " being able to laugh at yourself is the best medicine for this life " and " fake confidence until it's real " .

Thanks to Casie and those two things in the back of my mind, here are the results. :)

I wore what I always wear... an oversized sweater and black jeans (which I realized after today are hardly black and I desperately need new ones, moved to the top of the Christmas list). BUT THIS SWEATER GUYS, IT IS EVERYTHING. I went to the mall with my bff chel and Amy, my fellow cat lover, and tried it on a size up and let me tell you, I almost walked up to the counter to have them to ring it up while I was wearing it. It was one of those items that even the sales person complimented and said "this is so cute, I need it". I've worn it since I bought it.. and this is why I'm horrible at keeping up with my blog because I wear the same thing everyday. 

I'll probably add more photos to this post after I publish it, but here are some of my absolute favorites. If you want to treat yourself today, check out Casie. She is a gem and she is job hunting in the area, so slide into her DMs for rates, you won't regret it. 

Leith sweater, Madewell scarf, Blank NYC jeans, Urban Outfitters bralette, Jeffrey Campbell flats

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