Sunday, July 5, 2015

Born in the U.S.A.

Despite how many people complain about how much they hate America and all its politics and everything else about it, on the 4th of July people tend to forget about all of the negatives. Most people tend to go all out for the holiday in all american gear, hats, nails, and so on. ButI remember when I was younger and we always wore t-shirts from Old Navy with our hair up in festive scrunchies. Now I just try my best to stray away from the ordinary.. aka neutrals.

For this holiday, I was a little basic in my picks. White shorts, navy and white tank, and a blue oversized sweater (thanks to my sister for this one).  PacSun is one of the few places that sells shorts in all kind of styles. I may be 22 but they're the only place that I can fit! And let's be honest, Bullhead knows what they're doing when it comes to a comfortable jean.

I definitely could have done patriotic better but we really didn't even do anything. My sister and I went out for a little bit but most of our day was spent on the couch eating and having a Chrisley Knows Best marathon with our mom. We had some friends over for drinks and listened to Selena Gomez's new song over and over, but that was about it for us this year.

It was fun nonetheless! Good friends are all you need. 

Urban Outfitters tank, Loft sweater, Pacsun shorts, Kate Spade crossbody, keds

info & quirks:
crossbody is linked, but if you have an outlet near you - they have them and do student discount!

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