Friday, October 17, 2014


We all know I'm short... and some clothes are much more difficult to find than others.. and flannel's definitely fall under that category. I'm super petite, so even this flannel doesn't fit me the way it's intended to, but I couldn't bring myself to return it. 

So here is how I styled my XXS flannel from J. Crew Factory :) 

Fall weather is everyone's favorite even though the weather is all over the place: cold in the mornings, sweating by midday. Layering with a t-shirt, (especially when going into class where it's always freezing) made it easy to transition alongside the temperature changes. I'm not sure when or why tying things around your waste went out of style.. but it's back (and I never stopped). Plus, this flannel is so soft, it's impossible not to feel cozy during the brisk 8am walk to class. 

J. Crew Factory flannel, Madewell tee and rings, Abercrombie kids jeans, Longhcamp bag, Alex and Ani bracelets, BP grey tweed loafers (not pictured)

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