Thursday, January 1, 2015

so this is the new year

Happy New Year ! 

Most new years days don't feel any different. But this year, I can't help but feel ready to really start my life. I wrote down personal resolutions for myself to ring in the new year. Having goals to work on by myself made it easier to let go of things that seemed to be holding me back. So cheers to a fresh start, whether it be the new year, or just simply a new start every day when you wake up. 

Anyway, new years eve was pretty fantastic. I celebrated with some really great people and had so much fun. I kept my "party" outfit close to what I wear on the daily but during the day I kept it even more comfortable. 

If anyone has already downloaded Dash Hudson, then you already know what I wore. But for those of you who haven't downloaded yet, here is a closer look. ( be sure to download, log in with Instagram, then like my photos for the outfits that don't make it onto the blog ;) )

We all know I live for oversized sweaters and scarves, so I stuck to my favorites to keep a part of me when starting fresh. This olive and oak sweater from Urban is my new favorite. I paired it with a regular plain tee, skinny jeans, and this oversized checked scarf. I was swallowed in comfort, and that's exactly how I love it.

Urban Outfitters cardigan, ASOS scarf, BlankNYC jeans, Halogen flats